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21 Chansons de Lisa Gerrard

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1. In Exile
2. See The Sun (With Pieter Bourke)
3. They Came To Die (Whale Rider OST)
4. The Host Of Seraphim
5. Wisdom (With Patrick Cassidy)
6. Sorrow (With Hans Zimmer) (The Gladiator OST)
7. Shadow Magnet
8. Pai Calls The Whales (Whale Rider OST)
9. Slow Dawn (With Patrick Cassidy)
10. Elegy (With Patrick Cassidy)
11. Space Weaver
12. Abwoon
13. Come Tenderness
14. Ariadne
15. Sanvean (I Am Your Shadow) (Live At Mayfair Theatre)
16. Amergins Invocation (With Patrick Cassidy)
17. The Valley Of The Moon
18. The Sea Whisperer
19. Rome Is The Light (With Hans Zimmer) (The Gladiator OST)
20. Elysium; Honor Him; Now We Are Free (With Hans Zimmer) (The Gladiator OST)
21. Figurines (Yan Ching by Lisa Gerrard) (The Gladiator OST)

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